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If you own a Sony Ericsson Mobile phone and you want to customize it, now you can forget those paid services you see on TV, because thanks to MyPhoneExplorer you will be able to do it for free.

Furthermore you will be able to manage your contacts, sync with Outlook, Sunbird or Thunderbird, or manage your SMS inbox.

Cable, Bluetooth or iRDA, you decide your connection, once the mobile is connected, you are o the way to customize your mobile and manage it.

It is very easy to use, no matter if it's the first time you use a mobile manager, thanks to its intuitive interface you will have no problem when using it.

Your address book, the file manager, your ringtones, your music, your photos,... in short all your mobile stuff is now managed from your PC.

It supports all SonyEricsson Mobile except Symbian-based ones.

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